Yanjian Group Holds Working Meeting for Grassroots Women Workers


On the morning of March 7, 2023, the Women's Working Committee of the Yanjian Group's Labor Union held the 2023 grassroots women workers' work meeting, summarizing the achievements and shortcomings of the work of women workers in 2022, conveying the working spirit of the "Book Fragrance March 8" reading activity and the 2023 Women Workers' Law Popularization Promotion Month, and arranging the work priorities for 2023 and reporting information on women workers' activities.

At the meeting, He Yinghua, the founder and chief consultant of Shandong Wufang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on the course "Smart Women", providing excellent explanations from aspects such as career and family balance, and the growth and progress of women in the workplace.

The meeting requested that all grassroots women workers and committee members should organize and lead all women workers to fully play the role of "half the sky", fully implement the overall work requirements of "13199", actively participate in the theme activity of "clearing up and preventing delinquency", based on their positions, perform their duties and make positive contributions to improving the level of "three qualities and four abilities", and more vigorously promote the high-quality development of Yanjian Group.