Yanjian International Holds "Happy Chinese New Year and Show Our Team Style " Activity


During the Chinese New Year, Yanjian International carried out the "Happy Chinese New Year and Show Our Team Style " activity to encourage overseas branches to carry out meaningful Chinese New Year activities and enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion of employees.

Branches in Malaysia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ghana,Lesotho, Peru and the project departments of the China-Aided Tajikistan Parliament Building and the China-Aided El Salvador National Library have carried out activities to enrich the overseas life of employees by holding Chinese New Year's dinners, get-togethers, group building, singing competitions, tug-of-war competitions and ring competitions, creating a strong Chinese New Year atmosphere. Yanjian International evaluated the performance of the activities and issued prizes.

This activity alleviated the working pressure of employees, improved their living standards, reflected the Yanjian's humanized management concept, and helped employees to unite, put into work in a better mental state and contribute to the sustainable development of the international business.