Yanjian Peru and Chancay Port Building Project Team Wins Many Honors from the Owner


Recently, in order to set up an advanced model and pool the strength of struggle, CONSORCIO CHECSAC-CCCC4TH Project Department held the 2022 Advanced Award Ceremony of the Chancay Port Project.

YANJIAN GRUPO PERU S.A.C took the initiative in the year of tackling the difficulties of Chancay Port project. The building construction project of Chancay Port undertaken by Yanjian was progressing smoothly and achieved excellent results. Yanjian Peru was awarded the title of "Advanced Civilized Collective in 2022" and "Advanced Quality Team in 2022" by the owner. Zhang Zhiqiang, the manager of Chancay port building construction project, won the title of "Advanced Worker of Civilization Award in 2022", the carpenter's chief Wen Weixue won the title of "Advanced Individual of Safety and Environmental Protection in 2022", and the carpenter team and the bricklayer team won the title of "Advanced Team of Safety and Environmental Protection".

Faced with the difficult challenges of tight time and heavy tasks, the building construction project department of Yanjian Peru in Chancay Port, strictly adhered to the red line and bottom line of safety and environmental protection, conscientiously implemented various construction measures, and won the praise of the owner, laying a good foundation for Yanjian Peru to continue to develop the Peruvian market in the later stage.