The "Yanjian Cup" Staff Art Competition Was Successfully Concluded


On October 26, 2023, the "Yanjian Cup" Staff Art Competition jointly organized by Yanjian Group's trade union and the Youth League Committee came to an end in the learning hall of Yanjian headquarters. A total of 15 programs from 13 units participated in the competition, and nearly 80 people, including the secretary of the general youth branch of each unit and art enthusiasts, watched the competition on the spot, while more than 300 people watched the competition via live streaming on WeChat.

During the competition, competitors praised New China, sang New Era and eulogized New Life with full enthusiasm and resonant chanting, and their brilliant performances won applause from the audience. After fierce competition, the song "The Blue Lotus" sung by Yu Fengqiao of the Seventh Company won the first prize. Wang Jingyang's violin solo "Disoriented Time and Space" and the song "Alive" sung by Cheng Jianwen from the International company won the second prize.  The song "Waiting" sung by Fenghang of Qingdao Company, the song "Fond of You" sung by Sun Yuxia, a family member of an employee of the Sixth Company, and the song "Red Flag Fluttering" sung by Leng Chenji of the Fourth Company won the third prize.  Competitors from the Third Company, the Fifth Company, the Tenth Company, Jinan Company, Municipal Road and Bridge Company, Equipment and Material Department, Heli Company, Nuoyang Company and other units received the Excellence Award. The Seventh Company and the International Company won the Outstanding Organization Award.