9 Project Managers from Yanjian Group Win the Title of Excellent Project Manager of Shandong


On November 3, 2023, the Shandong Construction Industry Association issued a notice announcing the results of the 2023 Shandong Construction Enterprise Project Manager Labor Competition. Nine individuals, including Mr. Ji Yan from the Third Company, Qiao Junyong and Yu Yingfeng from the Fourth Company, Yang Xuegang from the Fifth Company, He Zhaobin from the Sixth Company, Meng Jie from the Seventh Company, Wan Minggang and Zhang Yanbin from the Tenth Company, and Li Junfeng from the Qingdao Company, were awarded the title of "Excellent Project Manager" for Shandong Construction Enterprises in 2023.

Individuals hoping to receive an award should cherish their honor, continue to work hard, forge ahead, and innovate. Project managers should follow the example of award-winning project managers, build on their positions, be dedicated, be bold in innovation and have the courage to practice. They should make solid efforts to improve their project management, effectively improve project quality, create more high-quality projects and create better economic and social benefits.