Culture Brand


The logo is composed of the Chinese initials "Y / J" of "Yanjian". The composition is like Tai Chi, which means that the enterprise is growing and rolling forward; Highlight the profound and concise history of the enterprise and the openness and inclusiveness of the cultural system; It implies that enterprises establish 360-degree communication with employees, customers and society, jointly build a "integrity quality circle", and strive to realize the pursuit of meeting customers and returning to the society.

The logo pattern is harmonious and symmetrical, showing the dynamic of always rotating forward in stability, which reflects the spirit of unity, pragmatism, self-improvement and innovation of Yanjian people to realize the enterprise vision of " To establish a top-ranking enterprise, achieve long lasting development".

The logo color adopts Chinese traditional red, which is not only dignified and friendly, but also has the beautiful implication of self-confidence, enthusiasm and prosperity.