Vice President Yu Chunyang Visits Chinese Ambassador to El Salvador


On July 21, 2023, Vice President Yu Chunyang of Yanjian Group visited Ambassador Zhang Yanhui at the Chinese Embassy in El Salvador. Yao Ming, Counselor of the Embassy's Business Office, Wang Shuwei, Deputy General Manager of the International Company and Business Director of Yanjian Group Peru Company, Yuan Chunjun, Assistant General Manager of the International Company, and Yang Junguang, Leader of the Technical Team of the Salvador National Library Project, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Mr. Yu expressed sincere gratitude to Ambassador Zhang Yanhui and Counselor Yao Ming for their support and assistance on the National Library of El Salvador Project. He also reported to Ambassador Zhang on the current progress of the project and the importance attached by the group company to the project. Mr. Yu stated that the technical team will complete the project on time, with quality and quantity guaranteed, in accordance with the requirements of the construction period, and contribute to the friendship between China and Salvador.

Ambassador Zhang Yanhui expressed satisfaction with the various works of the Salvador National Library Project, focusing on the details of the improvement of national security in El Salvador and the attention paid to the project by various local communities. Ambassador Zhang hopes that the group company attaches great importance to the project construction task and takes the opportunity of the aided project to enter local engineering contracting market.

During his stay in El Salvador, Mr. Yu also inspected the construction of the Project and listened to reports from the project technical team on the current construction plan and progress of various work. Mr. Yu affirmed the work of the project technical team and emphasized the political significance and importance of the project. He requested that the project technical team must overcome all difficulties, make no less effort than anyone else, and ensure that the construction tasks are completed with quality and quantity guaranteed and on schedule.