President of El Salvador Attends the Lighting Ceremony for the National Library Project


On 13 November 2023, a grand lighting ceremony was held for the Salvadoran National Library project undertaken by Yanjian Group. The lighting ceremony was attended by President of the Republic of El Salvador Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, Chinese Ambassador to El Salvador Zhang Yanhui, Counsellor Yao Ming, Assistant General Manager of International Company Yuan Chunjun, and Leader of Construction Technology Group Yang Junguang.

Accompanied by Ambassador Zhang Yanhui and other Chinese personnel, President Bukele visited the internal facilities of the National Library and witnessed the external lighting of the library. President Bukele was very grateful to the Chinese government for bringing such a modern piece of architecture to the Salvadoran side. He highly commended the efforts of all employees of Yanjian Group over the past two years to ensure that the National Library was opened in advance to better serve the diplomatic strategy and political needs of the Salvadoran government.

Ambassador Zhang Yanhui expressed appreciation for Yanjian Group's ability to complete the construction of the project ahead of schedule. He said the Salvadoran government is very satisfied with the quality and progress of the project, which is the first foreign aid housing construction project completed by the Chinese government in El Salvador. Yanjian has established a good image as a Chinese foreign aid enterprise, and will call on other foreign aid enterprises to follow Yanjian's example and strive to create high-quality projects to bring glory to China Aid. 

The National Library of El Salvador has successfully lit up and opened up to the public ahead of schedule, enhancing the influence of Yanjian Group in the construction field of El Salvador, leaving a positive image for the public works and cultural departments of the Salvadoran side, and laying a solid foundation for Yanjian to expand its market in the local area.