Yanjian International Organizes A Team Building Activity


On April 22, 2023, Yanjian International organized more than 40 employees to visit Kunyu Mountain to carry out the team building activity with the theme of "Walking with Joy in Spring".

Spring is warm, flowers are blooming and the charming south wind makes it a great time to hike. At around 7 am, the team, led by Wang Shuwei, deputy general manager of the international company, boarded the bus in an orderly manner according to the plan of the event. During the journey, fun activities such as drumming and flower sharing, self-recommendation and talent shows filled the carriage with laughter, and everyone clapped and had a harmonious and enjoyable time.

After arriving at the destination, the team visited scenic spots such as Jiulong Pool, Shimenli, Kunyu Mountain Nature Museum, and Zhiying Flower Sea. Climbing high and taking long steps along the way, indulging in the precious gift of nature, allows employees to naturally relax physically and mentally in the midst of intense work, developing their character and rejuvenating their strength. At noon, the team also enjoyed a delicious seasonal meal from the local mountain region.

This activity is a refreshing trip to the physical strength and sentiment of employees, and also a perception of the President Xi’s essence of "green water and green mountains are also golden and silver mountains", which has greatly improved the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, created a positive atmosphere of cherishing the good spring scenery, working hard and pioneering, and making greater contributions to the high-quality development of the company.