Mozambican Minister of Culture Visits China-Aided Mozambique-China Friendship Center Contracted by Yanjian

At 1500 of June 29, 2020, newly-appointed Mozambican Minister of Culture Edelvina Materula and her delegation, in a total of 20 people, accompanied by the project technical and management team members visited China-Aided Mozambique-China Culture Center contracted by Yanjian.  


The delegation visited the construction site and listened to a report on project overview, supporting facility, etc. Edelvina Materula expressed her sympathy to the project technical team members, and she said that Mozambique-China Culture Center is an important cultural facility in Mozambique which is also a symbol of the friendship between the peoples of Mozambique and China and the deepened cooperation of the two countries. She expected professional engineers from Mozambique to work jointly with the Chinese counterparts in the installation and debugging state to study techniques, and she expected that the decoration works will be completed smoothly.


Edelvina Materula took a photo with the project technical team members.