Banquet Hall of Laos National Convention Center Contracted by Yanjian Passes the Delivery and Acceptance

On the morning of March 10th,2020 of the local time, construction projects of Laos National Convention Center Banquet Hall contracted by Yanjian has passed the check and acceptance carried by the Agency of International Economic and Technical Cooperation. On March 11th,2020, the project technical team delivered the projects to the Laos Employer officially.

During the 10 days working of the check and acceptance, the inspection team completed all directions of checking works from construction quality, impressions, and function to documents, and they gave a high praise to the project technical team for their active cooperation and performance.

At the end of March, the LMC 3nd Leaders Meeting and the ACMECS9 shall be held at the Laos National Convention Center, the Lao Employer highly commended the technical team for the on-time delivery. The project is the first China Aid project Yanjian contracted in Laos. The on-time delivery of the project has won a good reputation for Yanjina in the Lao construction industry and laid a firm foundation for Yanjian exploring markets in the South-East Asia in the future.