Director Li Xiaobing Met with Chairman of Yanjian Group Tang Bo

At 3 pm January 16, 2020, Director of the Agency for International Economic Cooperation Li Xiaobing met with Chairman of Yanjian Group Tang Bo and his delegation. Head of Asia Division of the Agency for International Economic Cooperation Zhang Minwu, Deputy Head Zeng Xianli, Deputy Head Li Yuan, (principal of the Tajikistan Parliament Building Project), Project Representative Wu Jian, Deputy Head of Division of Risk Management Du Chunxia, Executive Director of Yanjian International Yu Chunyang, General Manager of Yanjian International Liu Jingxian and Deputy Head of Yanjian Beijing Branch Office Xu Tao also attended the meeting.


Director Li Xiaobing congratulated Yanjian Group on successfully winning the bid of Tajikistan Parliament Building project. He pointed out that the Tajikistan Parliament Building project is one of the largest China’s aid projects based on its quantities and cost, which can be seen as the Tajikistan’s “Great Hall of the People”. The project, also the foremost priority project to practice the head-of-state diplomacy led by President Xi Jinping,receives great concerns from the two heads of state, with great political significance.(In December 2018, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended the break-ground ceremony, and in June 2019, President Xi Jinping attended the unveiling ceremony of the project’s model).This project, with high cost and high construction difficulties, is directly managed by major projects authority under the President’s Office of Tajikistan and jointly designed by Chinese and foreign designers for the first time. The building combines the European and Islamic architectural styles and the important and difficult points of construction are the finishing and decoration work.This project is designed to be a real centenary one, with the designed service life of 100 years and the anti-seismic rating of 9. He also underscored that the cultural diversity shall be fully respected and misunderstandings arising from it should be overcome by more communication and more patient introduction.


Director Li Xiaobing requested that as the general contractor, Yanjian Group shall select an experienced technical team leader, overcome all kinds of difficulties in fund and technology, implement the delicacy management, integrate and balance the intrinsic and the extrinsic, strictly execute safety protection and civilized construction, strengthen anti-terrorist precaution and Party building to complete the project smoothly. The party organization at grassroots’ level should be set up to fully play the role of exemplary vanguard and battle fortress. Yanjian Group shall strive for the Luban Prize of China Construction Project (overseas project), make necessary publicity for the project at abroad, develop extensive people-to-people exchange, invite local authorities to participate in and witness the important events of project and make full collection of the "Belt and Road" stories.


Chairman of Yanjian Group Tang Bo extended gratitude to the leaders of the Agency for International Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce for their trust. He said that as the general contractor of the project, Yanjian Group recognized the great responsibility and also ranked the project as the top priority of our Group Company. We shall strictly select and organize the technical team, push forward the Party building, ensure adequate supply of fund, establish a complete management system, overcome various difficulties such as complicated project modeling and tight construction schedule; strictly control project quality, carefully execute safety protection, civilized construction, dust and noise control and visibility publicity; we shall also maintain good relationship with the embassy and local authorities, strengthen the project publicity, tell a good story about China’s "One Belt And One Road" and formulate the anti-terrorist manual. Yanjian Group will spare no effort to build the project into a landmark one, make it become Tajikistan’s NO.1 project, and win the Luban Prize.


After the meeting, Director Li Xiaobing invited all attendees for a group photo.