Officials from International Economic Cooperation Inspects Two Projects in Mozambique Contracted by Yanjian

From December 9 to 10, 2019 local time, Ai Yinfang, deputy director of the Agency for International Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and six members of the inspection expert group conducted inspection on the China-Aided Project of Mozambican-China Cultural Center and the Teaching Building of Confucius Institute and Media Arts Institute. Mr. Mi Xingyi, secretary of the business office of the Chinese Embassy in Mozambique, Mr. Wang Shumin, chief engineer of Yanjian Group, Mr. Pan Yong, business director of Yanjian Mozambique Co., Ltd. and two team leaders of the project accompanied the group.


During the inspection, deputy director AI Yinfang and the inspection experts group listened to the work reports of the two project technical groups, and went to the project site to conduct a comprehensive inspection on construction quality, safe and civilized construction, foreign aid sign hanging, etc. The leaders and experts of the inspection team fully affirmed the achievements of Yanjian Group in the construction of foreign aid projects. They also expressed that foreign aid is an indispensable part of the diplomacy of big countries. They hoped that the project technical team would fully understand the significance of inspection, improve the political status of foreign aid projects, continue to learn foreign aid rules and regulations, and complete the construction tasks of foreign aid projects with high standards and strict requirements.


Wang Shumin, chief engineer of Yanjian International Development Co,Ltd said that the two project technical teams will strictly perform contract implementation in strict accordance with foreign aid rules and regulations, and do a good job in project production. They will carefully rectify the deficiencies, so as to ensure the successful completion of the task and provide a satisfactory answer for the friendship between China and Mozambique.


At present, the decoration work of the Project of Teaching Building of Confucius Institute and Media Arts Institute in Mozambique has been completed. Now it is in the process of completion acceptance. The project of China Cultural Center in Mozambique has entered the decoration stage.