State Councilor Wang Yong Inspected the China-Aided Maintenance Project of Lesotho National Convention Center

On the morning of December 14, 2019 local time, State Councilor Wang Yong and his delegation inspected the maintenance project of Lesotho National Convention Center built by the Yanjian Group, accompanied by Chinese ambassador to Lesotho Lei Kezhong and Lesotho Minister of public service Au. Qi Lu, deputy general manager of Yanjian International Development Co., Ltd., Liu Zhipeng, technical group leader of integrated technical assistance of Lesotho National Convention Center, accompanied the presentation.


During the inspection, State Councilor Wang Yong cordially greeted the staff of the technical team of the Comprehensive Technical Assistance Project of the Lesotho National Convention Center. As a symbol, the Lesotho National Convention Center has become the only place in Lesotho with relatively complete supporting facilities that can host large international conferences. Its importance is self-evident. Wang urged us continue to establish the "Yanjian" brand in Lesotho and maintain the image of the Chinese government's foreign aid.