Teaching Building of Confucius Institute and Media Arts Institute Contracted by Yanjian in Mozambique Passed the Completion Acceptance

From December 6 to 16, 2019 local time, a group of six acceptance experts selected by Shenyang Engineering Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd. conducted a 10-day completion acceptance of the teaching building project of Confucius Institute and Media Art Institute in Mozambique, which was constructed by the Yanjian Group . The comprehensive acceptance evaluation results were excellent. Yao Cuichen and Mi Xingyi, secretaries of the business office of the Chinese Embassy in Mozambique, attended the final acceptance meeting.


The experts of the acceptance team mainly carried out special inspection on the performance of the project contract, technical data, actual measurement on site and appearance. After inspection, the experts of the acceptance team agreed that the technical team of the project conscientiously performed various contract tasks, and the project met the acceptance standards in terms of quality and overall appearance, so it was evaluated as a good project. The acquisition of excellent grades will help the company in the bidding of foreign aid projects, so as to lay a good foundation for further seizing the strategic opportunity of "the belt and road" and expanding the international project contracting business.


At the last meeting, Yao Cuichen, the representative of the Economic and Commercial Office, congratulated the project team for their hard work and excellent results. At the same time, they hoped that the technical team would actively solve problems and offset deficiencies founded in the inspection and acceptance, and do a good job of follow-up External transfer and maintenance work. At present, the project is undergoing rectification. The next step is to do a good job of external inspection and hand over of the project as soon as possible.