Officials Inspects the National Performing Arts Theater Technical Assistant Project Contracted by Yanjian

On local time August 14th, 2019, Deputy Director of Assessment Department of National International Development Cooperation Agency Wang ligui, Section Chief Sun Xinliang and Agent Fan Bowen inspected the technical assistant project of the National Performing Arts Theater of Sri Lanka accompanied by Second Secretary of Economic and Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka Xiong Ran, Person-in-Charge of Yanjian Group Lanka (Private) Ltd. Han Chunlei, Team Leader of technical assistant project Liu Wenxin.

Wang and his delegation visited auditorium, main stage, open-air theater, etc. and inquired details of solution to problems in adding seat covers and glass roofing and crow nesting, listening to working report given by Liu Wenxin and development history introduction of Yanjian in Sri Lannka given by Han Chunlei. Wang highly spoke of the diligent working attitude Yanjian committed in works of theater construction, maintenance, additional items and technical assistance. He asked the technical assistant team to promote the excellence Yanjian working style and complete the technical assistant project smoothly under the leading of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka

The contract was signed on July 30th, 2019, and the technical assistant project was commenced on August 6th, 2019.