Counsellor of China Embassy Inspects China-Aided Project in Kyrgyz Constructed by Yanjian

In the morning on 12 June, 2018, local time, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kyrgyz Republic Sun He and Deputy Major of Bishkek City Dyushembiev (Юшембиев ) and their delegates accompanied by the Person-in-charge of Yanjian Kyrgyzstan Co., Ltd. in Yan Fengjie checked and accepted maintenance work of China-Aided project of Chinese language school in Kyrgyz.


Deputy Major, Education-Service Director and Principal of the School introduced the status of teaching quality, promotion of Chinese language and studying abroad in China of outstanding graduates and so on. They spoke highly of Yanjian Group’s efforts to cooperate with the school on carrying out maintenance and guarantee normal service of various facilities. They complimented it the best middle school in Kyrgyz so far as a benchmark masterpiece.


Counselor Sun He carefully inspected the maintenance of infrastructure related to the school and was satisfied. He hoped Yanjian Group to positively cooperate and keep the school ahead in Kyrgyz.