Yanjian Group Won China-Aided projects in Micronesia and Peru Simultaneously

On February 24, 2017, Yanjian Group received letters of acceptance from Commerce Ministry for the two China-Aided projectsChuuk State Office Building of Micronesia and Peru National Emergency Operations Center. It is the first time that Yanjian Group won two China-Aided projects in one single day since we have begun to carry out external aid projects independently.

The total covered area of China-aided Chuuk State Office Building is 15230 square meters. The construction area is 5000 square meters. The project includes administration building, legislation building, conference rooms, facility rooms and guard rooms. The duration time is 18 months, which should be commenced in June. Yanjian Group stood out from 26 competitors, winning the bid in the price of RMB 62356400.00. The Federated States of Micronesia is located in the South Pacific Ocean Isles, which is the fifth market Yanjian opened up in South Pacific Ocean Region following Australia, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu.

Peru National Emergency Operations Center is located in Lima, Peru. The site area of the project is 8820 square meters. The total construction area is 3750 square meters, which includes emergency operations center and supporting simulation experience center. The duration time is 24 months, which is planned to be commenced in April 2017. Yanjian won the bid by beating 5 state-owned enterprises in the price of RMB 98990800.00. This project is the forth China-aided project that Yanjian contracted in Peru (So far China has totally contracted four aid projects in Peru. )